Delphine of Dogole

private collection.

Lady Delphine of Dogole (1596 – unknown )
Charming, delicate and imaginative, she was described by her brother, a prominent Earl, as the richest and stupidest girl to ever hail from Dogole. When the nuns gave up on her convent education and sent her home, she stopped in a port town to shop and see the ‘pretty ships’. It was there that she met a pirate captain. Not realizing she had been kidnapped, she then married him at sea and unwittingly funded his crew for years after being told they were freedom fighters. After the death of her husband, she gained control of his fleet only to lose it in a South Pacific storm — during her ordered expedition to find Candy Apple Island. It is believed the sea chanty ‘Ditzy Dame of Dogole’ was inspired by her.

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