My work has taken on a new life. My digital portraits were shown in Times Square during NFT.NYC, curated shows around the world and metaverse, I was honored to be a panelist at several talks, and a few other events here and there. And I received a grant to create an immersive experience! It all happened within five months!

If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing as a curious collector, writer, musician, painter, designer, or creative, I made a very easy guide for anyone looking to get into the NFT world — without confusing language. Visit here to download it.

Essentially an NFT gives you: a Certificate of Authenticity, Right to Print, Rights to ReSell.

Brite Beauties Collection are animated videos, but holders get a high-res image to download, too.

I have collections on Tezos for affordable editions and 1/1 artworks.

Foundation Mint Gold Dust and KnownOrigin

My future is precarious having terminal cancer, and after all of my paintings sold, I was left with no inventory. While I have an organization that will take care and keep whatever works of mine are donated (along with press, photos, ephemera) there was no way of taking care of my digital legacy. I had an idea to delete any trace of me online after I am gone, with the exception of this website.

But, what if my art can live on and get new collectors after I am gone?

This is my main interest in pursuing NFTs. I’m excited people will be able to collect long sold out inventory and pieces in a different way. And while I’m still able to, some lucky collectors will also get original drawings.

Btw, here’s an interview in DROP Magazine. And my interview with Irish Tech News, A video interview about my artwork, and another interview in Cleveland Scene. An interview with Lady Eve about my Web3 journey, Oh, and I wrote about how makers can use the tech.