Please contact me at arabellaproffer(at) Serious inquires only, as a deposit is required.

You can download the PDF by clicking the link here: Arabella Proffer Portrait Guide. This gives a full price structure and a little more about the steps I take. The process comes together from a shared vision of both myself and whomever is commissioning the work. And, why yes, I do pets and children!


Portraits make wonderful gifts as well as a beautiful way to honor someone; they go a step beyond photography and can be handed down for generations. These days, portraits aren’t just for the landed gentry, you know!

Ivana & Steve

In this age of selfie, why not get something that will truly last? There is a reason the National Portrait Gallery institutions commission portraits to this day. It’s an interpretation by the artist, as well as a piece of our culture to be admired by others. Your painting is unlikely to deteriorate, requires no additional cost for upkeep, needs no repairs, never goes out of style, and is exclusive.

Gary Blaine Amy Mothersbaugh